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Smart Campus

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Digital Twin Solutions

A digital twin is a 3D digitally rendered model of a built facility powered by real-time data from sensors and monitors in the actual location.


UltraREM’s Digital Twin software interprets and applies the streaming data to create a digital multi-dimensional model that looks and behaviours like the real thing in real-time.


Digital Twin technology offers new possibilities to improve the management of facilities and the user experience of the people that live, work and visit them.

Virtual Reality
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Building and Facilities Management

Facilities managers have an unprecedented ability to manage operations and performance of individual buildings and entire campuses. The data generated by plant equipment, sensors and other monitoring devices can improve vehicle and people flow, security vulnerabilities, temperature variations, and potential maintenance issues.

Digital Twins are being used to reduce overall energy consumption, leading to a significant reduction in energy costs and lower environmental impact.

Digital Twin for Planning and Development

A live 3D model allows for a better understanding of how new buildings or changes to the urban landscape will impact the surrounds. Models can accurately capture the movement of sunlight and the resulting shadowing that will occur throughout the year.

Educational or industrial campuses can use digital twins to monitor car, foot and bike traffic to improve access points, enhance pedestrian safety, and determine the best location for public transport stops, loading zones and recreational facilities.

Building a Bridge
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Smart Campus Security and Fire Safety

Digital twin models improve the ability to monitor and respond to security breaches, fire emergencies and other unexpected events like storms, flooding and plant breakdowns.


Using the campus overview that only digital twins provide, security personnel, emergency services and first responders can be guided directly to flashpoints via the fastest and safest routes.

How a Smart Campus Digital Twin can benefit your organisation

  • Improved security and fire safety

  • Faster emergency response

  • reduced energy consumption, cost and environmental impact

  • Smarter planning and development

  • More efficient facilities management with fewer resources

  • Faster, more accurate analysis of facilities operation

  • Improve workplace productivity

  • Allows better information sharing with internal and external stakeholders


UltraREM Digital Twin Projects

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