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Get worksite ready with UltraREM

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Ensuring all workers return home safely at the end of each shift is the most important priority in the construction industry.

We can help ensure your workforce is equipped with the right information to stay safe by utilising our immersive technology to create a simulated work environment that prepares your workforce in a virtual setting before they strap on their hardhat and boots on the work site.

Our virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D modelling technology has been successfully deployed in heavy industry in Asia to maximise safety and efficiency by familiarising workers with standard operating procedures prior to commencing work on site.

Demonstrating the correct methodology to safely operate on your work site is essential to safe and sustainable construction operations and is also an important component of employers’ obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

All employers must ensure they protect their workers and manage health and safety risks arising in the workplace. All responsible employers must be proactive to effectively train and engage their staff to keep them safe, and this particularly applies to the construction industry.

Using our global expertise in creating interactive experiences, UltraREM will work with you to customise a simulation that replicates the environment in which your valuable employees operate.

Virtual reality simulations can provide the foundation for inductions for new employees, and can help form the theoretical basis for annual training requirements and verification of competency procedures. These types of simulations are transforming traditional training methods, with the interactive experiences allowing the employee to participate as many times as they need to ensure effective recall is achieved.

Our technology has a wide range of practical applications to cover any industrial, machinery operation or manual handling task. We have successfully delivered virtual reality products to convey mandated ways of operating in dynamic workplace scenarios including;

  • Working from height

  • Identity risk areas – falling objects

  • Safe operation of an excavator, tower crane and cap sized truck

  • Safe operation of a grinder, electric saw and welding machine

  • Emergency response to fire

Talk to us today about how we can develop a solution for your business that helps you realise your goal of zero harm on site.

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